The Tools

NLP, Time Line Therapy®, etc are tools that make it easier to truly understand how to share your talents and uniqueness with the world.



"I think it’s great how Muriel listened to me and doesn’t even give a hint of what she thinks of what I'm saying. She doesn’t give any value judgement and that gave me courage to say what I was really thinking/feeling/doing."

- Karoline Schollaert

"The coaching with Muriel gave me even more insights in the power of the mind and how it can influence other aspects of life. "

- Jan Hollez

"The sessions with Muriel were eye-opening for me. Through some simple exercises, she helped me to find more peace of mind and positive thoughts inside myself. "

- Nele Daemen

My 2 cents

Change is the only constant in life

Change happens faster than before and we are all expected to keep up. Personal change, organizational change, or leading the management of change need specific skills. You can constantly change and update a system or procedure and it will continue to work and be more efficient. Do the same to people and you'll have a mutiny.

Who is mSeed?

You want to know more about the who, what, where and how of mSeed?

We aim to support you at the highest level.

Make it happen

By defining your goals, you make it easy to make choices and create a clear path to follow. It will allow you to focus on what is important for you.


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